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Title: Purple Ink
Characters/Pairings: Ivy
Rating: PG
Summary: It might be a few years before she could offer the comfort that she wanted to, but that didn't mean she wasn't listening.
Author's Note: ***Spoilers for Ghost Story***



I used to think the diaries were the hardest. )
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Title: Barging In
Characters/Pairings: Dresden, Fix, Marcone, Lara, Maeve, Lily, Ivy, Kincaid, France, England, random Denarian
Rating: PG
Summary: The Accords meeting probably would have gone better without the party next door.
Author's Note: Happy Graduation, Qualapec! You once said that your Dresden muse had to deal with living down the hall from a Nations frat party. I thought I'd run with that :3 


As far as Accords meetings went, it was going pretty well. )


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Title: What we can afford
Characters/Pairings: Marcone, Ivy
Rating: PG
Summary: Post Small Favor. Some friendships come easily, even if they're rooted in horrifying circumstances.
Author's Note: De-anon from the kink meme.

For several weeks after the ordeal on the island, the lights of Chicago‚Äôs nights reflected in the windows of his office and took the shape of spellwork etched into stone if he looked up too quickly.  )