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Title: Spinning
Characters/Pairings: Carlos/Molly
Rating: PG
Summary: Epiphanies can be built from the most innocuous of things.
Author's Note: Written for Qualapec.


Carlos spun her in place under the streetlight, the bright blue of her dress fanning out around her and nowhere near as brilliant as her smile. A spike of intense happiness and still-present shock at how lucky he was shot through him, and a man standing next to them on the corner swore as his PDA died. Molly laughed, and he grinned, ducked his head, and felt heat rise in his face all at once. He’d gotten better by leaps and bounds about keeping a firm grip on flares of emotion and magic around technology, but sometimes there were unavoidable circumstances… such as walking down Los Angeles streets with a beautiful woman whom he was almost completely certain he was falling in love with.


She caught his arm, still laughing as they crossed the street. “You’re as bad as Harry!”


With a mock sigh of pain, Carlos clapped a hand over his heart. “Words like arrows. Not all of us can have your finesse.”


“Flatterer,” she accused.


He winked. “Only to the deserving.”


Blue light from a shop’s sign reflected in her blonde hair, accented the dyed strands of pink framing her face, as she took a quicker step forward and turned to face him on the sidewalk. Molly had gorgeous eyes and an even more gorgeous soul, and he wasn’t going to be able to go much longer without babbling the truth of it at a hundred sentences a minute, maybe with a song or two thrown in for spice. It kept building up in his chest, and he wasn’t the type to hold something like that in. He only hoped that when it finally got out, it was more eloquent than the ecstatic jumble he thought was more likely.


Her hands slipped into his, fingers twining together. There was mischief in the curve of her smile. “So… Where to now?”


And it was that innocuous little moment where a thousand little things added up and sent his world spinning on a new axis: her expression, her eyes, her voice, the way she couldn’t stop moving in her dress, the nightlife burgeoning up around them and crafting atmosphere, the darkening sky her eyes kept darting up to like earthborn stars, how she looked at him like he was her best friend, co-conspirator, and lover all wrapped up inside his skin.

Carlos knew he was grinning and wide-eyed. “God, as long as you’re there, I don’t even care.”

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